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Antaranga Yoga may be loosely translated as "Inner Yoga", which can be contrasted with "External Yoga" - Yoga psychology as opposed to Yoga Physiology. Antaranga Yoga begins with the Psychology of the human being, and uncovers the barriers and constraints that often cloud our thinking and being, which gives rise to anxiety, fear and an unsettled mind.  
For most human beings, the experience of happiness and joy is circumstantially conditioned. We are happy occasionally, and sad frequently - and perpetually in search of those perfect set of circumstances i.e. job, relationships, family, career, esteem etc., which we hope will produce abiding happiness. 
In Hindu thought, the access to abiding happiness does not lie in the outer world, but rather in the exploration of one's inner world. In this Webinar, we will explore the pathway that will create that access within ourselves to a sense of joy, contentment and happiness. We will also introduce a course called "Antaranga Yoga" which will go much deeper into these ideas.
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Review the details of the Antaranga Yoga course offered by Shri Raghu Ananthanarayanan in the Fall of 2021 at HUA.

Antaranga Yoga