Ahimsa and the Art of Nonviolent Communication_INSTA

Speaker: Dr. Vedabhyas Kundu
In this webinar, we will introduce the Gandhian approach to nonviolent communication and its significance as a 21st century skill to be nurtured for a culture of peace. In the backdrop of instances of aggressive or toxic communication, integrating strategies of nonviolent (Ahimsa) communication not only can help us to find inner peace, but also promote a healthy communication ecosystem whether in our families, institutions or the society at large. It helps in building better connections by enrichment of personhood. The overarching goal is to develop an expansive understanding of nonviolent communication and its applications in our daily lives.

We will also launch a course on Ahimsa and the Art of Nonviolent Communication, which is designed to promote Gandhian nonviolent communication at individual levels, at institutional level and at societal levels. While it will cover the Gandhian approach to nonviolence, it will give a detailed exposition of the approach to nonviolent communication which the Mahatma promoted in practice. The course will cover in-depth the applications of nonviolent communication in the age of Metaverse, in the process of mediation, for inner transformation, and for mutual coexistence.

Join Dr. Vedabhyas Kundu to go beyond an understanding of peace, but also to explore individual well-being, and mental peace in the form of nonviolent mutual co-existence.
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