Speaker: Smt. Parvathi Sriram 

Sanskrit is inseparable from Sanatana Dharma. It is the master key to unlocking the treasures of Hindu Dharma, embedded in its numerous texts.
The Hindu University of America is proud to present our very successful programs in Sanskrit in this webinar:
Find your answers to the following questions and more at this exceptional webinar:
  1. What is the detail of this program? Why is there a need for this program?
  2. What can I accomplish through consistent Sanskrit studies at the HUA?
  3. What is the Sanskrit student experience at the HUA?
  4. How can I speak fluently in Sanskrit in less than 60 hours?
  5. How conducive is the learning environment? Is there a lot of fun mixed with learning Sanskrit at the HUA?
  6. How can I play a role in enriching my own life while strengthening the foundation of the HUA?
  7. How can I support my kids and grandkids in ensuring their cultural heritage and traditional grassroots?
Come, join us, and hear directly from the faculty members leading this effort at the HUA.
Highlights of the programs:
  • Taught by HUA’s dedicated faculty, easy to use online platform
  • Features a hybrid learning model with both live virtual classrooms as well as pre-recorded video
  • Focuses on Listening, Reading / Pronunciation, Writing, Speaking, Understanding,  and Comprehending Sanskrit
  • Prepares students to take the 'Proficiency Test' confidently to enter the Sanskrit Master's Program at HUA  
In this webinar, we will cover:
  • Structure of the programs
  • Courses offered in each quarter
  • How to register for the study program

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