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Speakers:  Dr. Sahila and Siddharth Banerjee
Our bodies were indeed designed for movement, while our minds were designed to find stillness and focus. However, in today's urban societies, many of us practice the opposite.
There is a common misconception that physical exertion in the gym is sufficient for both body and mind. It's important to recognize that while exercise is undoubtedly beneficial for our physical health, it may not address the mental exhaustion and feeling of incompleteness that many individuals experience.
When we engage in intense physical activity, such as in a gym setting, our bodies are put through strain, causing us to breathe faster and work up a sweat.
While this may improve our physical fitness and appearance, it does not necessarily provide the necessary respite for our stressed minds. So how do you achieve the state of still mind in a body that moves with ease and comfort?
This is exactly what we will explore in our webinar with Guru Siddharth Banerjee who has been in the Himalayas for over 10 years now and practices & teaches many Indian sciences including ayurveda, face reading, astrology, vasthu sastra, mudras, mantras, and many more.
We will also do an astrology reading & chakra healing plan of 2 people known to me while unknown to Guruji and see how they can improve their future life using astrology & chakra healing.
The webinar discussion will be for an hour with an additional half-hour for Q&A.