Dhyaanam – Meditation and the Meditator


Saturday, July 2nd 2022,
9 AM PT  / 12 NOON ET / 09:30 PM IST
Swamini Brahmaprajnananda Saraswati

Living in the contemporary world includes navigating conflicts at the level of family, work, society and even in one’s mind. The modern practice of mindfulness which continues to help millions across the world has its roots in the Vedic tradition.

This webinar will introduce the Vedic roots of Dhyaanam and ask us to think about how we can transform our relationship with the mind such that it does not bind us but leads us to the truth. We'll briefly move through the three stages of mind as the problem, mind as an instrument, and the conscious self (chaitanyam).

We will also introduce a course on the same subject which delves deeper into the understanding of the mind in the Vedic tradition, introduces some meditation practices and an enquiry into the nature of the meditator.

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