Embodying the Infinite in Just 1,000 Names 

In this webinar, Acharya Mrityunjay Trivedi will introduce two different stotrams and present their modern relevance.

Lalitha Sahasranamam is considered to be a sacred Hindu text from the Brahmanda Purana. This Stotra contains 1000 names of the Hindu Goddess Lalitha Tripura Sundari, a manifestation of Devi, the Divine Mother Shakthi. This Stotra is recited in the worship of Devi.

Vishnu Sahasranama means the “Thousand Names of Vishnu” which is embedded in 108 slokas of the stotra. The stotra was strung together by Sri Veda Vyasa, the author of the Puranas. This ancient stotra comes from the 135th chapter of Anushasan Parv in Mahabharata and eloquently elaborates on the essence of the thousand names of Lord Vishnu.

We will begin to explore the meaning and essence of these stotrams and introduce two separate courses that will take a deep dive into each one respectively.

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