Open House on Graduate Programs in Hindu Studies_INSTA-1
Become an Expert on Hinduism, The world is waiting for you.

Have you ever thought of what it would take to become a real Expert on Hindu Studies from an academic perspective?

It will take becoming familiar with Hinduism through its lived traditions, its sacred texts, and its spiritual practices - all at once. It will take understanding the critiques laid against Hinduism by its detractors and responding to those critiques.

It will take moving beyond the made-up histories about the Hindu Civilization and developing a real understanding of the challenges of reconstructing Hindu History. It will take interpreting Hindu thought for the modern world in a language that it is at once relevant and timeless. It will take developing real expertise in research and writing - and creating an aspiration to leave a legacy of publications that will transcend many lifetimes. It will take re-imagining Hinduism - not of a distant and calcified past, but a living, breathing, vital tradition that has much to offer this world.

The Master of Arts in Hindu Studies and the Doctor of Hindu Studies are both structured to enable students to not only become an expert on Hindu Thought but also apply it in practical, meaningful, and impactful ways. You may find the journey transformational, and develop completely new avenues for your career, your self-expression, and for making a lasting contribution to the humanities and social sciences.

In this Open House on Graduate Programs in Hindu Studies, President Kalyan Viswanathan will discuss compelling reasons for you to pursue Hindu Studies at HUA, and doing it in a manner that preserves your career and opens up new possibilities for you.

Join us in a discussion to explore the potential and prospect of Hindu Studies and what it may mean to you.