Hindu Dharma, Hindutva and Hindudvesha

Hindu Heritage Month (2)

The month of October has been proclaimed by many States in the U.S. as Hindu Heritage Month. During this month, Hindu University of America will partner with Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America and Dharma Civilization Foundation, to bring to you a virtual conference on the theme of "Hindu Dharma, Hindutva and Hindudvesha" 
This Webinar will provide a preview of the virtual conference, its motivation and the variety of Hindu spiritual leaders, intellectuals and thought leaders, who will carefully explore these terms, their significance, genealogy and the current challenges they represent. It will set the stage to examine questions such as:

a) What is Hindutva?
b) What is its relationship with Hindu Dharma?
c) What is Hindudvesha?
d) How is it different or similar to Hinduphobia? and so on.