Hindu Studies as a Transformational Journey


Sunday, Aug 7th, 2022,
9 AM PST  / 12 NOON EST / 09:30 PM IST
Kalyan Viswanathan
and a selected group of students from HUA’s graduate, certificate and continuing education programs.

Engaging in Hindu Studies prepares one to engage with the world as a Hindu with a clear sense of identity and confidence. This endeavor is definitely vast in scope, engrossing and can be potentially confusing too. However, the daunting task can be effectively taken up through HUA’s Certificate program in Hindu Studies (CPHS) which aims to provide a structured approach to the various branches of study and experiential learning in Hinduism. As students discover the range and depth of Hindu thought, its uniquely awesome cosmology, and clear up some of the misconceptions and erroneous narratives that have been inherited, they will find themselves being profoundly transformed, naturally creating new realms of self-expression, and new possibilities for who they can now be in the world.

In this webinar, Kalyan Vishwanathan will provide an overview of CPHS. Further, a select group of student panelists will share their personal journeys and highlight how engaging in Hindu Studies have transformed them in unimaginable ways and opened up avenues previously unconsidered.

Please join us for an exploratory and engaging discussion about Hindu Studies and discover how you might be transformed too.