Hindu Dharma, Hindutva and Hindudvesha

Flyer 2 Session 1 oct 17th-1

Session 1: Day 2, Oct 17th, 8am PT/11am EST/8:30pm IST
Panel 1: Hinduism and the Hindutva Movement
Panel Description: What is the genealogy of the terms Hinduism and Hindutva? What is the Hindutva movement? Why is it portrayed so negatively by its detractors? Can we clear up the misconceptions about Hindutva?

Panelist: Dr. Hema Kandadai, Dr. Hari Kandadai & Dr. Ratan Sharda
Panel 2: Christianity, Race and the Hindu World

Panel Description: How have Christian Theology and Critical Race Theory colluded to essentialize and demonize the Hindu world? How does this collusion continue to malign Hindu Dharma and Hindutva today? What should Hindus do about this persistent challenge?

Panelist: Jeffrey Armstrong and Pt. Satish Sharma