Hindu Dharma, Hindutva and Hindudvesha

Flyer Day 4 Oct 24th-1

Day 4: Oct 24th, 8am PT/11am EST/8:30pm IST
Panel 1: Hindudvesha and Islam
What is Islam's record in India? Have Scholars dealt with the Islamic record in India honestly? What has been the impact of Islam on the Hindu culture and psyche?
Panelists: Shri Sushil Pandit and Dr. Rajat Mitra
Panel 2: The challenges faced by Hindus in Islamic regions
What has been the plight of Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Kashmir? What is the source of the Hindu ethnocide within Islam?
Panelists: Ms. Sudha Jagannathan and Shri Tahir Gora