Hindu Dharma, Hindutva and Hindudvesha

Flyer Day 5 Oct 30th

Day 5: Oct 30th, 8am PT/11am EST/8:30pm IST
Panel 1: The impact of the postcolonial hangover on Hindu Arts and Culture
How does the postcolonial hangover impact the Hindu arts and culture ecosystem? How are the traditions affected by the ambient pressure towards Secularization and De-Hinduization?
Panelists: Dr. Sonal Mansingh and Shri Vivek Agnihotri
Panel 2:Hindutva - When we let others define us
The negative charge that the term Hindutva is loaded with today, arises from a sustained campaign. How can we frame (or reframe) the term to discharge this negativity?
Panelists: Sh. David Frawley and Dr. Subhash Kak