Hindu Dharma, Hindutva and Hindudvesha

Untitled-1 Flyer 1 Session 1 oct 16th

Session 1, Day 1: Oct 16th, 8am PT/11am EST/8:30pm IST
Panel 1: Hindu Dharma and Hindutva
Panel Description: What is the relationship between Hindu Dharma and Hindutva? Are they two different terms that represent the same phenomenon? Or are they slightly different phenomenon? How do we best understand these two phenomenon and their inter-relationships?
Panelists: Swami Mitrananda and Swami Sarveshananda  
Panel 2: Understanding Hindutva
Panel Description: How do we understand the term Hindutva? How was it defined when it was originally conceived? What was its purpose? How do we understand the term today? Does the term need a contemporary redefinition? Will we arrive at a clear shared understanding of the term?
Panelists: Dr. Shreerang Godbole and Saumitra Gokhale