HUA Graduation Ceremony 2023_INSTA 02
A Golden Day at the HUA !
स्नातकदिनं सर्वश्रेष्ठदिनम !
The Hindu University of America is proud to felicitate our Graduating Students from the Master of Arts in Sanskrit, the Certificate Program for Sanskrit Proficiency, the Micro Certificate in Spoken Samskritam, the Certificate Program in Hindu Studies, and the Certificate in Hindu Civilizational Studies.
Join us on this joyous day at the Hindu University of America (HUA), as we celebrate our batch of graduates. Additionally, you can find your answers to the questions about advancing in your own learning journey at HUA. Some questions that will get answered are:
  • How can I discover and reconnect with my Hindu roots?
  • How can I learn about Hinduism academically? 
  • How conducive is the learning environment at the HUA?
  • How to make lifelong relationships with other students going through similar learning experiences?
  • How to serve our wonderful cultural heritage and dharma-based civilization?
  • What are the growth plans at HUA?
  • How can I play a role in enriching my own life while strengthening the foundation of the HUA?
  • How can I emulate this batch of graduating students in realising my vision of an enjoyable learning journey for Samskritam and Hindu Studies?
 Come, join us, and hear from our graduating students their personal experiences of transformation from not knowing much about Samskritam/ Hindu Studies/ Hindu Civilization to being able to understand its nuances and communicating with clarity.
Here are short summaries of our programs:
The Certificate Program in Hindu Studies (CPHS) equips students with the knowledge and confidence to engage with the world as Hindus. Upon completion of the program, students will gain a deep understanding of Hindu thought, its cosmology, and the ability to dispel misconceptions and false narratives. This transformative experience will inspire students to live a fulfilled life as Hindus and make a positive impact on the world.
The Certificate Program in Hindu Civilizational Studies (CHCS) provides a comprehensive exploration of Hindu Civilization from a Hindu perspective. It offers a solid understanding of Hindu Dharma, one of the world's oldest and thriving cultures, with enduring wisdom and knowledge. Studying Hindu Civilization is valuable for everyone, as it is based on the timeless principles of Dharma.
Acquiring proficiency in Saṃskṛtam is an incredibly fulfilling experience and unlocks the vibrant tapestry of the living Hindu civilization, enhancing our understanding of one of the oldest languages and establishing a deep connection to the ancient texts of Hinduism.
The Master of Arts in Sanskrit (MAS) program immerses students in the study of the Sanskrit language, enabling them to become genuine scholars who can engage with the various knowledge-systems rooted in Hindu thought. Emphasising the importance of Sanskrit for studying the source texts of the Vedas, Vedānta, Yoga, Āyurveda, and Śāstras, the program provides direct access to these texts without relying on translations. It also prepares students to explore ancient and classical texts, fostering a commitment to the wellbeing and future of humanity.
The Sanskrit Proficiency Certificate Program (CPSP) is designed for beginners aged 14 and above who are passionate about learning Sanskrit and exploring Hindu texts. No prior knowledge of Sanskrit is required, and the program focuses on developing skills in listening, comprehension, writing, fluent speaking, and grammar, with the option for recitation and singing.
The Micro Certificate in Spoken Samskritam Program (MCSS) is designed for students passionate about learning and speaking Saṃskṛtam. It offers a unique opportunity for language enthusiasts of all ages, including high school students, to immerse themselves in a relaxed learning environment. By applying their language skills in everyday life, students can embark on an exciting language-learning journey. This program caters to all ages and anyone interested in expanding their linguistic horizons.