Learn about Sanskrit Proficiency


Saturday, June 11th, 2022,
9 AM PST  / 12 NOON EST / 09:30 PM IST

A Golden Day at the HUA !
उत्सवदिनम् उत्साहदिनमेव !

Padma Bhushan Prof. Ved Nanda,
Dr. Sampadananda Mishra (PhD)
HUA President, Sri Kalyan Viswanathan

The Hindu University of America is proud to felicitate our first batch of Graduating Students from the Certificate Program for Samskritam Proficiency (CPSP).

Find your answers to the following questions and more at this exceptional Graduation Ceremony:

Where can two years of consistent Samskritam studies at the HUA take me?

What is the Samskritam student experience at the HUA?

How can I speak fluently in Samskritam in less than 40 weeks?

How conducive is the learning environment at the HUA?

Is there a lot of fun mixed with learning at the HUA?

How to make lifelong relationships with other students going through similar learning experiences?

How to serve our wonderful cultural heritage and “dharma” based civilization?

What growth plans are there at the HUA?

How can I play a role in enriching my own life while strengthening the foundation of the HUA?

How can I emulate this batch of graduating students in accomplishing my own merit through an enjoyable Samskritam journey?
Come, join us, and hear from the graduating students their own personal experiences of transformation from not knowing much about Samskritam to being able to understand its nuances and converse fluently in this divine language.