Sankhya Darshana through the Sankhya Karika – Part I


Sunday, June 19th 2022,
9 AM PST / 12 NOON EST / 9:30PM IST

Sankhya Darshana is often labeled as a dualistic and atheistic system by many scholars. Is that really so? Yet it is also considered a foundation for both Yoga and Vedanta.

In seeking a permanent solution to the problems associated with the human condition i.e., birth-death, old age, disease, and sorrow, Sankhya Darshana developed a profound epistemology of the cosmos, and the place of the human being within that cosmos. Sankhya proposed that a proper understanding of the twenty-five Tattvas, i.e., the fundamental building blocks of the universe, would lead to a total and permanent solution to human suffering.

In this webinar, Dr. Kuldip Dhiman will give an overview of important aspects of Sankhya Darshana while introducing the first of a two-course sequence on Sankhya philosophy taught through the Sanskrit text ‘Sankhya Karika’ of Ishvara Krishna, a short and succinct text of only 72 Karikas (short explanatory verses).