Story Writing Intensive


Saturday, July 9th, 2022,
9 AM PST  / 12 NOON EST / 09:30 PM IST

Storytelling is at the heart of Indic Knowledge Systems, but Hindus haven't been able to effectively tell their stories to the west. 

Take control and improve your writing skills with Smt. Jyoti Yelagalawadi who is launching a Story Writing Intensive course over the summer.

In this webinar, we will receive a brief overview of Indic storytelling methods used in the Puranas, Panchatantra, Jatakas, and other texts to understand how characters are created and shared.

What are the factors that make robust characters and our stories richer and more complete? We will begin to understand Indic writing methods in the contemporary era with the purpose of creating new storytellers. Join us for this week's webinar!

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