Summer Quarter Courses for Teens and Parents


Saturday, May 7th 2022,
9 AM PST  / 12 NOON EST / 9:30 PM IST
Can Teenagers and Parents take courses about Hinduism together? At HUA, we are committed to creating learning spaces that include both parents and teenagers. We anticipate that this will open up new conversational spaces across the generations. 
In this Webinar, Mr. Shantanu Gupta and Mr. Gopi V. Prasad, will discuss the courses they are offering in the summer quarter, on the Valmiki Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita for Teens and Parents.
Courses offered by speakers:
By Mr. Gopi V. Prasad
Bhagavad Gita
By Mr. Shantanu Gupta
Lessons from Valmiki Ramayana
Join us and bring your teenagers to the webinar.