Sustainability is Dharma


Sunday, June 5th, 2022,
9 AM PST  / 12 NOON EST / 09:30 PM IST

We are in the middle of a global mass extinction, caused by human activity.

It has become clear that we are not living sustainably. The global ecosystem is on the verge of irrevocable decline.

What are the assumptions and axioms that have led us to this point? Can we change course now, or is it already too late?

Unless our lifestyle improves the condition of the Earth and its ecosystems, we will inevitably enter a period of scarcity, violent competition, and chaos. This chaos will take the form of climate refugees, governmental collapse, and increasing conflict. New signs are emerging everyday for all of us to see.

In this webinar, Dr. Sailesh Rao will reflect on how the modern quest for sustainability relates to the eternal search for morality and universal truths in Sanatana Dharma. We will also explore whether we can change course now and what that would look like from a Hindu perspective.