The Aahaar Kranti Movement in India and role of Ayurveda Diet & Nutrition in Our Lives(1)  Speakers: Vaidya Rupali Panse & Dr. Yelloji Rao Mirajkar

In the first part of the Webinar, Dr. Yelloji Rao Mirajkar will talk about the Aahaar Kranti movement to raise awareness on the importance of a nutritionally balanced diet in India. It’s an effort to rouse the people to the value of our traditional diet, to the healing powers of local fruits and vegetables, and to the miracles of a balanced diet. While Aahaar Kranti is starting in India, it sets a model for the entire emerging world to follow and establishes India as a Global Leader in Nutrition. 

In the contemporary era, concern for the prevention of disease is neglected in favor of medicine and treatment. Diet and Food, when viewed through the lens of Ayurveda become central to the prevention and management of health conditions. Ayurveda enables a personalized approach to the management and restoration of health. Vaidya Rupali Panse will talk about two courses that are offered at HUA in the upcoming Spring Quarter that will provide an overview of Nutrition – diet and food through the philosophy of Ayurveda, and their potent implications for health and wellbeing.