Speakers: Rakhi Israni, Sneha Rao and Mukta Matta Sakunde
Since the traumatic geopolitical decision to implement partition on India to create Pakistan, the minority experience of Hindus in Pakistan has been tragic.

CHINGARI is a social justice campaign aimed toward bringing awareness to the globe about the atrocities that young, innocent Hindu girls face. This five-minute video produced by The Coalition of Hindu Girls who are Abducted and their Rights is powerful, shocking, informative, and a must-watch.

In addition to the plight of too many young Hindu girls in Pakistan, the overall situation for minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh requires intervention and action. In this webinar, we will discuss what is really going on, and what people are doing to help. Our special guests are Smt. Rakhi Israni and Mukta Matta Sakunde, with special host Smt. Sneha Rao.