The Path to Happiness Embracing Self Knowledge 


Swamini Brahmaprajnananda Saraswati 

Despite the universal human striving for happiness, all of our education and learning have not taught us how to be happy. In fact, the predominant message that society gives us is that ‘you are not enough’. The Vedic tradition, on the other hand, teaches us that the key to happiness is to keep Dharma as the anchor point for the pursuit of wealth and pleasure. Additionally, Vedanta reveals that the sense of inadequacy we experience is not a real problem but a spiritual problem rooted in the ignorance of the true oneself. The solution is self-knowledge of the unchanging Self which has no deficiencies.
In this webinar, we will enquire into how we describe and define ourselves in the light of key verses of Tattvabodha (fundamental work on Vedanta) and a few other texts. This webinar will be especially useful to clarify doubts and confusions that may have arisen if you have tried to study Vedanta on your own, without a traditional teacher.

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