The Yoga of Motherhood Square
In our yogic tradition, a siddhi can be defined as a spiritual power. Certainly the act of creating a human being, as envisioned by our yogis, is one imbued with the possibility of great spiritual power and influence. A siddhi arises from expanded consciousness, and the aim of this course is to become more conscious of what is happening inside us as mothers, and by corollary, how we can both ‘see’ and lovingly influence our children, even to the level of being able to help them heal from sickness, disease, and harmful behaviors.

In this webinar, Shilpa Agarwal, will engage us in a process of remembering our innate abilities to heal, not only on the physical level but within deeper and more subtle levels of our being such as the pranamaya kosha. She is offering a course in the Fall 2022 quarter to teach how motherhood can become a crucial pathway to recovering our health and vitality, and that of our children.
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