Vedantasara and Sankhya Webinar  Speaker: Dr. Kuldip Dhiman

In seeking a permanent solution to the problems associated with the human condition, i.e., birth-death, old age, disease, and sorrow, Sankhya Darshana developed a profound epistemology of the cosmos and the place of the human being within that cosmos. Sankhya proposes that a proper understanding of the twenty-five Tattvas, i.e., the fundamental building blocks of the universe, would lead to a total and permanent solution to the problem of human suffering.

Vedanta builds upon these Tattvas distinguished by Sankhya. However, fundamental misunderstandings have accumulated around Vedanta, especially Advaita Vedanta. Is the world to be taken as unreal? Is Vedanta a pessimistic philosophy that requires us to renounce the world? Is it meant only for the Sannyasis or the Sannyasa stage of life?

In this Webinar, Dr. Kuldip Dhiman will provide an overview of critical aspects of Sankhya Darshana and Vedanta. We will introduce two courses that he will be teaching in the Spring Quarter of 2023, one on the Vedantasara of Sadananda and the second on Sankhya Darshana.

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