Yoga of the Mahabharata_INSTA 2


Sri Raghu Ananthanarayanan

In this webinar, Shri Raghu Ananthanarayanan will provide an overview of the Yoga of The Mahabharata and preview a course with the same name. The course will cover the following ideas:

  1. Awaken the archetypal characters from the Mahabharata in one’s own life through dialogue and reflective activities.
  2. Develop greater insights into one’s own psyche and patterns of the mind through an experiential engagement with the Mahabharata.
  3. Experience yoga as an integral science beyond postures (asanas) or breathing techniques (pranayama).
  4. To develop the sakhi bhava (friendliness) and sakshi bhava (meditative listening) to be able to listen to ourselves and others from a deeper space.
  5. To evoke healing processes within oneself.
We will explore our psyche using stories of characters from the Mahabharata, to bring clarity and meaning in our life.  The Yoga of the Mahabharata enables one to delve into one’s psyche using the text as a mirror of one’s mental processes. 

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