Youth Yoga Training - Why?


Thursday, June 9th, 2022,
6 PM PST / 9 PM EST / 6:30 AM IST (June 10th)
Speakers: Shailesh Basani, Smriti Ramakrishnan, Veda Jadcherla and Anusri Chavali

Youth and stress have almost become synonymous in the present times. Young students are struggling to meet their parents’ and school's expectations. As we slowly recover from COVID and its impact on social life, the number of cases of anxiety and depression among the youth has increased multifold.

Yoga helps overachieving youth as well as struggling students. Yoga teaches patience and tolerance to those ambitious and overachievers. On the other hand, yoga teaches willpower, confidence, and concentration to those who are struggling. Yoga is a great source of protection against stress and mental illness for the youth.

This Webinar will feature a youth panel that will demonstrate the benefits of yoga through their own personal journey and shows how they have used the techniques of yoga to cope with their high school or college stress. The youth panel also discusses how they help in achieving excellence in education and career.

You will also learn about our Youth Teacher Training for teens (13-18 years) and other upcoming yoga courses offered by HUA.