Decolonising Research Methodologies


Saturday, April 23rd 2022,
9 AM PST  / 12 NOON EST / 9:30 PM IST
The phrase 'Research Methodologies', as applied to the non-Western societies, when observed from the vantage point of the colonized, is inextricably linked with colonialism and European imperialism.

For Hindus, especially, these research methodologies, which are entrenched in most Western and Westernized universities, as mainstream methods, are offensive to our deepest sense of humanity.

These methods render Hindus as 'objects' of study and discourse, in which they must be excluded as subjects, and admitted only on condition that they too assume the gaze of an outsider, studying a
barbaric, primitive, hierarchical and oppressive culture that is irredeemable, except through a western intervention.

How do we decolonise these methodologies? How do we develop alternate methods of study and analysis? What would they look like? In this webinar Dr. Indu Viswanathan and Shri Kalyan Viswanathan will engage in a dialog about research methodologies, and the prospects for their decolonization.