A New Paradigm in Hindu Studies

tj-holowaychuk-RZzF5_FeMHg-unsplashMr. Kalyan Vishwanathan's talk on "A New Paradigm in Hindu Studies" at WAVES conference held at Brookhaven College, Dallas, Texas in August 2018.

Mr. Kalyan Viswanathan is the current President of Hindu University of America and the teaches the course 'Orientation to Hindu Studies' at HUA. In this talk at the WAVES (World Association for Vedic Studies) Conference, Mr. Viswanathan begins with explaining what a paradigm and a scientific paradigm are, and then goes on to explain what the current prevalent paradigm in Hindu Studies is. Once he lays the groundwork, Mr. Viswanathan elaborates on what the new paradigm in Hindu Studies could be. 

Copyrights for the video belong to WAVES.