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Comparing the Musical Traditions of India

A preview into the world of Indian music traditions and how they compare with western music. 
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Studying Sanskrit at HUA Webinar

Our Teachers Shri Chandra Raghu ji and Shri Sreenath ji explain the various paths we have at HUA for Sanskrit Studies.

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Reconstructing Hindu History – Webinar

Hindu History, as it is taught in schools is Hinduphobic and there is a need to unlearn it and relearn it from Hindu lens.
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Western Psychology versus Antaranga Yoga

As the name suggests, in this webinar we will explore the similarities and differences between Western Psychology and the Hindu Conception of Inner Yoga i.e. Antaranga Yoga.

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The Story of Hinduism and the Diaspora

As Hindus who have lived for five or more generations outside of India, the Hindu diaspora that spans the globe from Trinidad, Guyana, Suriname, Fiji, Mauritius, to Africa, have valuable...
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A Webinar on Aryanism and Indology

A webinar by Dr. Bagchee on Aryanism and Indology that shows how History and historicity is rooted in Christianity. 

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A talk by Dr. Kundan Singh

A talk by Dr. Kundan Singh and a subsequent conversation with Shri Sankrant Sanu, hosted by SangamTalks.

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Colonial Discourse on India and Hinduism

Dr. Kundan Singh in conversation with Dr. Rinkoo Wadhera on "Colonial Discourse On India and Hinduism".

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A New Paradigm in Hindu Studies

Mr. Kalyan Vishwanathan's talk on "A New Paradigm in Hindu Studies" at WAVES conference held at Brookhaven College, Dallas, Texas in August 2018.

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' Is Hinduphobia a Thing?' - A webinar

A webinar hosted by Hindu University of America to discuss Hinduphobia, as well as it's denial, in Academia, Media and society in general.

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Unburdening the Earth: Hinduism and Ecology - A talk by Dr. Adluri

A talk by Dr. Vishwa Adluri, on the ecological exploration of the Mahabharata presented by Thinkolio. 

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Mahābhārata and the Philosophical Hermeneutics of Śankarācārya

A wonderful exposition on Mahābhārata and its narratives by Dr. Vishwa Adluri.

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