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Equating Hinduism and Caste: State of California vs Cisco Systems

Is Hinduism inherently discriminatory? Is this mis-association putting a target mark on the American Hindus? Watch to find out. 
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Gītā Vidyā Webinar

Gita Vidya is a three course sequence involving Sādhana, Śodhana, and Vādana; with focus on 116 ślokas selected out of the 700 from the Bhagavad-Gītā.

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Comparing the Musical Traditions of India

A preview into the world of Indian music traditions and how they compare with western music. 

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Studying Sanskrit at HUA Webinar

Our Teachers Shri Chandra Raghu ji and Shri Sreenath ji explain the various paths we have at HUA for Sanskrit Studies.

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Reconstructing Hindu History – Webinar

Hindu History, as it is taught in schools is Hinduphobic and there is a need to unlearn it and relearn it from Hindu lens.
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Western Psychology vs Antaranga Yoga

In this webinar we explore the similarities and differences between Western Psychology and the Hindu Conception of Inner Yoga i.e. Antaranga Yoga.

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The Story of Hinduism and the Diaspora

As 5th generation immigrant Hindus, the diaspora that spans the globe from the Caribbean to Fiji to Africa; have valuable insights for the more recent US immigrants.
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A Webinar on Aryanism and Indology

A webinar by Dr. Bagchee on Aryanism and Indology that shows how History and historicity is rooted in Christianity. 

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A talk by Dr. Kundan Singh

A talk by Dr. Kundan Singh and a subsequent conversation with Shri Sankrant Sanu, hosted by SangamTalks.

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Colonial Discourse on India and Hinduism

Dr. Kundan Singh in conversation with Dr. Rinkoo Wadhera on "Colonial Discourse On India and Hinduism".

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A New Paradigm in Hindu Studies

Mr. Kalyan Vishwanathan's talk on "A New Paradigm in Hindu Studies" at WAVES conference held at Brookhaven College, Dallas, Texas in August 2018.

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' Is Hinduphobia a Thing?' - A webinar

A webinar hosted by Hindu University of America to discuss Hinduphobia, as well as it's denial, in Academia, Media and society in general.

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