Unburdening the Earth: Hinduism and Ecology - A talk by Dr. Adluri

A talk by Dr. Vishwa Adluri, on the ecological exploration of the Mahabharata presented by Thinkolio. 

"What can a text from 800 BC teach us about climate change? ThinkOlio presents an ecological exploration of the Mahabharata with Prof. Vishwa Adluri.

Endowed with intelligence and capacity for ethical action, are we, humans, responsible stewards of our home, the Earth? Or are we a burden upon it? In this Olio we will explore the cognitive universe of the ancient Sanskrit epic, Mahabharata. Can we, in our scientific, materialistic conception of the earth as mere resources rethink our responsibility to Mother Earth? Through insightful images and myths, the epic urges us to see that our relationship to earth is an integral part of our understanding of divinity, humanity and our dwelling in the universe." 

PS: This video is a recording of an olio presented by ThinkOlio. It has been shared here with the permission of Dr. Adluri. The above description is borrowed from the youtube channel where the video is posted and the cover pic is the ThinkOlio flyer.
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