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Eashwar Thiagarajan

Eashwar Thiagarajan
Eashwar Thiagarajan is a student of Vedanta and Hindu scriptures and traditions, for more than 20 years. He has Masters in Electronics and has been working in the Semiconductor industry for more than 18 years. He has 36 patents and few publications to his credit. He lives in greater Seattle area and works for Infineon Technologies, as Director. He is currently enrolled in HUA, as a student.

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Necessity for Hindu Studies in Academic...

Academic studies of Hinduism is a necessity, as it can shape the current and future generations' understanding and appraisal of Hinduism. Academia has larger scale influence and...
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Sri Vyasa's Ethical Approach to Storytelling

Śrī Vyāsa aspires to influence our view of the world, life in general, and of Self; by painting a more enriching narrative, through the poetical, layered narrative in Mahābhārata.

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