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Rama Koneru

Rama Koneru
Rama Koneru describes herself as — "A lifetime student of yoga, I write articles about my experiences. I am a student at the Hindu University or America, working towards a degree in Samskritam. Through Samskritam, I hope to explore the Indian culture more deeply. I am interested in anything to do with Indian traditions, but since the area is so vast, right now, my focus is Yoga and Samskritam. I feel I have not even begun to scratch the surface of what our culture has to offer. The more I study, the less I know it seems."

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My Samskritam Journey

I remember, my concern a year ago was – as a 50-year-old would I be able to learn a new language at this age? I need not have worried. Samskritam has a way of staying with you

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Pranayama is about disciplining the breath, so as to simply be able to follow the prāṇā.

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Svadhyaya: Self-Study

Svādhyāya is ‘self-study’, recommended by the Yoga Sūtras, and is an integral part of Kriyā Yoga defined in its second chapter. 
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Allow Your Breath to Take You Deeper

When you start experiencing your breath viscerally, it is easier to move deeper into the asana and experience स्थिरम् sthiram and सुखम् sukham in the posture, as mentioned in the Yoga Sutras.

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