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Suresh Lakshminarayanan

Suresh Lakshminarayanan
A Civil Engineer from BITS Pilani, L Suresh figured rather early in life that building brands and constructing sentences were more fun than the kind of building and construction activities he was being readied to undertake. Since chasing dreams was always going to be a tad easier than chasing reality, he began an exciting journey into the mad, once-unconnected worlds of technology and advertising, often crossing over from one to the other and back. He is currently preoccupied with making some sense of his varied experience across unrelated fields. His journey has recently taken a spiritual turn after a serendipitous encounter with Shri Kalyan Viswanathan and with HUA.

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The Colonial Caper - a Masterplan, a Heist...

An attempt to decipher the master plan devised to organize the biggest organized-looting that ever took place in the history of mankind.

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I practice Hinduism; Do I need to study...

Considering that there are so many facets to Hinduism, wouldn’t it suffice for one to practice one or more of them? If so, why is there a need to embark on an academic pursuit of the Sanatana Dharma?

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