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The yagña is one the fundaments of Sanātana Dharma. This blog explores the philosophical meaning of yagña, how it pervades all aspects of life, and how we may use this understanding to inform our...

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Antahkarana Shuddhi for Moksha – Part II

The purification of the antaḥkaraṇa is a prerequisite for self-knowledge. What are the obstacles to self-knowledge? What are the means by which one prepares the intellect for self-knowledge? To...

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Krsna's Detour

When Gītopadeśa starts churning out, when the manthana starts inside, we are left with no other choice but to start a detour which is inward. This detour will bring you back to the very point where...

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The Practicality of Bhagavan’s Teachings for...

There is great practicality in the teachings of Bhagavad Gīta, since they are based on reasoning.

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Who Speaks for Hindu Studies?

A non-Hindu may certainly teach Hinduism, but Hinduism must be taught on par with other traditions. The Vedas, Upanishads, Brahmasutras, Itihasas are not a playground for one to reconcile personal...

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Arjuna’s Problem and Bhagavān’s Solution: A...

Bhagavān’s expertise in revealing this infinity to Arjuna in a palatable way competently provides the resolution to his, and subsequently, all of humanity’s problems.

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To Om or Not to Om?

From songs to movies, bumper stickers, tattoos, meditation classes, clothing lines, and yoga sessions, Om is chanted and adorned, but is the meaning of Om actually understood?

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Sri Vyasa's Ethical Approach to Storytelling

Śrī Vyāsa aspires to influence our view of the world, life in general, and of Self; by painting a more enriching narrative, through the poetical, layered narrative in Mahābhārata.

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