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Kaushal Varshney

Kaushal Varshney
Kaushal Varshney, originally from Uttar Pradesh, India, and has been living in Silicon Valley, California, the USA since 1999. He works in the field of IT Security. He is passionate about reviving the true Bhartiya history, which has been distorted by colonizers and resulted in low self-esteem and self-critical attitude of Hindus in general. He firmly believes that there must be an organized and persistent effort to decolonize Hindu's minds without depending on mainstream education institutes and governments. He is associated with a cultural organization that aims to coordinate the Hindu American community to practice and preserve the Hindu culture, by conducting regular value-based education for the whole family. As a committed volunteer of the organization, he participates in community outreach projects and various sewa projects with a goal to instill and promote discipline, self-confidence in Hindu families.

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