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Koenraad Elst

Koenraad Elst
Koenraad Elst obtained his doctorate in Oriental Philology & History from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) in 1998, based on his MA degrees in Sinology, Indo-Iranian Studies and Philosophy, and a research stay at Banaras Hindu University. He worked mostly as a foreign desk journalist and served as foreign policy assistant in the Belgian Senate. Dr. Elst is presently affiliated to the Sanchi University of Buddhist and Indic Studies (SUBIS), and occasionally teaches at the Indus University Ahmedabad as well as the private Indology Academy in Houston. He is the Chairman of the Ram Swarup & Sita Ram Goel Memorial Fund, Delhi. He has authored a dozen peer-reviewed papers, co-authored several books, contributed to a dozen more, and authored 18 English and 8 Dutch books of his own. He has participated in numerous academic and other conferences and organized one. His publications mainly concern divergent aspects of the Subcontinent's interreligious situation, Indo-European studies, the fundamental questions of religious thought, democracy, and language policy in both the European Union and India. He has also studied aspects of Daoism and taken part in many short retreats.
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