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The yagña is one the fundaments of Sanātana Dharma. This blog explores the philosophical meaning of yagña, how it pervades all aspects of life, and how we may use this understanding to inform our...

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TCM has seen more acceptance and adoption...

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been accepted and adopted with greater success in China compared to Traditional Indian Medicine – Ayurveda, in India. Both Ayurveda and TCM are holistic systems...

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The History and Spread of Medicine and...

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Why Spirituality for the Youth?

Studies have shown the positive effects of children growing with a shared spiritual relationship during their childhood.

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Pranayama is about disciplining the breath, so as to simply be able to follow the prāṇā.

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Svadhyaya: Self-Study

Svādhyāya is ‘self-study’, recommended by the Yoga Sūtras, and is an integral part of Kriyā Yoga defined in its second chapter. 
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Ayurveda & Beyond: The Need for Hindu...

Hindu studies in academic institutions of all levels is important to present the breadth and depth of Hindu thought to humanity. The opportunity to receive this education is important for the sake of...

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Allow Your Breath to Take You Deeper

When you start experiencing your breath viscerally, it is easier to move deeper into the asana and experience स्थिरम् sthiram and सुखम् sukham in the posture, as mentioned in the Yoga Sutras.

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Staying Alive – A Historical Perspective

A look into the history of ancient health practices in India which included smallpox inoculation, a prescription of for balanced lifestyle with moderate eating and exercises, quarantine,...

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Holistic Wellbeing through Yoga

Among the priceless treasures that India has offered to the world, yoga has captured the attention of millions across the world. As with all other systems of indigenous wisdom, yoga recognizes the...

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How Yoga Leads To Spiritual Transformation

There is nothing in existence that is unfeeling, nothing that is profane or unspiritual, nothing without a unique value in the cosmos. Life is relational, interdependent, interconnected, a system of...

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