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Venkat Nagarajan

Venkat Nagarajan
Venkat Nagarajan is a Bay-Area based Economist and a student at the Hindu University of America. Venkat is currently enrolled in the Orientation to Hindu Studies course and is considering pursing an M.A./PhD program at the Hindu University of America. Venkat has a deep interest in Indian Philosophy, Economics and History and is keen on sharing his perspectives with readers.

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Hindu Studies-A Worthy Challenger to Indology

Today, western Indologists shape and influence society’s views and perceptions about Hinduism and India, which are largely Hinduphobic. Hindu Studies as an academic discipline is of paramount...

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False Supremacy of Science

Metaphysical conceptions are slighted in our modern world while the scientific method is hailed as a panacea for all our ills. Science and Metaphysics approach reality from different perspectives...

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