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Friends of HUA Gala in Bay Area on April 22nd, 2023

A Compelling Case for Hindu Studies

Friends of HUA Gala in Houston on March 26, 2023

Is Para a transcendental entity?

Transforming Karma Into Yoga

Warfare in Ancient Bharat: Part 2 of 2

Warfare in Ancient Bharat: Part 1 of 2

Yogavāsişţha: An Encyclopedia of Advaita Vedanta

Better Understanding of Hinduism Requires a Multi-Pronged Approach

A Metaphorical Exploration into the Ideas on Inheritance and Progress

TCM has seen more acceptance and adoption than Ayurveda

Why is Ayurveda not considered mainstream in India?

Raag Darshan

Gun-Violence and Dharma – Part II

Gun-Violence and Dharma – Part I

Dr. Vishwa Adluri receives the Indologist Award from the Govt of India

Decolonizing Research Methodologies

Why Hindu Studies are Crucial

Transmission of Hindu thought into Western narratives

Setting Right the Narrative

The History and Spread of Medicine and Medical Knowledge

Philology Versus Misology

Whose Common Era?

Jab Zero Diya Mere Bharat Ne

Hindu University of America's 2021 Graduation Ceremony

COVID-19 and The Bhagavad Gita

The Colonial Caper - a Masterplan, a Heist and an Assault

Reflections on Hindu Studies – An Eye Opener

My Journey Towards Hinduism

Why Spirituality for the Youth?

On Sad Darsanas (षट्-दर्शन), and More

A Story of Personal Learning

A Sad Announcement

I practice Hinduism; Do I need to study Hinduism?

Krsna's Detour

My Samskritam Journey

Distortions in Indian Historiography


The Practicality of Bhagavan’s Teachings for Our World

Who Speaks for Hindu Studies?

Svadhyaya: Self-Study

How Hindu Dharma Transformed America: A Reflective Essay

Arjuna’s Problem and Bhagavān’s Solution: A Reflection

To Om or Not to Om?

Takeaways and Surprises on How Hindu Dharma Transformed America

Ayurveda & Beyond: The Need for Hindu Studies in Academic Institutions

Allow Your Breath to Take You Deeper

Hindudvesha - Systemic Hinduphobia

How Hindu Dharma Transformed America: A Personal Essay

Hindu Studies in an Academic Setting

Sri Vyasa's Ethical Approach to Storytelling

Us vs Them — A Reflection

The Hindu Paradigm & World Consciousness

The Dharma of Global Sustainability

Consciousness and Matter

Hindu Studies in Academia: Need for the Scholar-Warrior

Building a Peaceful and Harmonious Society

The Influence of Indian Spirituality in the West

Book Review: American Veda by Philip Goldberg

Choir Quarantined – Beyond Music Technology and Community building

The Civilisational Clarion Calls

Hindu Studies in Academia

Can Hindus engage in Hindu Studies?

A case for Hindu Studies in Academia

Importance of Hindu Studies in Universities

Staying Alive – A Historical Perspective

Hindu Studies-A Worthy Challenger to Indology

A Student Speaks on CIHS Course

False Supremacy of Science

Statement by HUA on Palghar Sadhu Lynching

Postcolonial Hindu Studies

MA Sanskrit – What our students say

Holistic Wellbeing through Yoga

Dr. Madhu Sharma Receives her PHD

HUA at 2019 Hindu Mandir Executive Conference

How Yoga Leads To Spiritual Transformation

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