Dr. Sahila

Dr. Sahila
Dr. Sahila, MD (Internal medicine, USA), Founder of Wellness with Sahila, is a pioneer among the US trained doctors for integrating Modern medicine with Indian sciences like Yoga, Ayurveda and Chakras. She has written and published various books including Chakra Handbook, The Why Behind Cancer, Sattvic diet for US and is currently working on books related to Obesity, Science of Kundalini, 21 Steps to Reprogram your Mind and lots more. She completed her MBBS from the prestigious M.S.Ramaiah college in Bangalore and moved on to do her residency training in New Jersey. After working close to 15 years in the United States at 5 different hospitals, she decided to switch her focus from Disease-care to Wellness. By combining her experiences as a physician along with her research on Raja Yoga and particularly on Yoga chakras, she has helped hundreds of people reverse their illnesses and achieve wellness. Sahila has coached 1000s of students in the USA and other parts of the world including India and Australia via a wide variety of online wellness programs. She has close to 100K followers online across all social media platforms and speaks via her podcasts on various wellness related topics. She also supports many philanthropic projects for orphan kids and abandoned elders in India by raising funds through her wellness organization.

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